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Winthrop has an accredited ISO 14001 Integrated Management System and is committed to managing environmental issues in a proactive and diligent manner. We offer environmental focused solutions to our clients and are dedicated to managing aspects of our business where environmental measures can be made to avoid, reduce and control pollution.

With each installation, we review and evaluate areas of design where an environmental impact could occur, from our evaluations we offer solutions that minimize energy consumption, reduce the total cost of ownership, and decrease the environmental impact for each element of plant.

In addition, we have identified key areas in which our business impacts on the environment. We continually endeavor to improve environmental performances in these areas and achieve this by reviewing our processes and policies that form part of our accredited ISO 14001 integrated management system.

Our goals are :

  • Recycling.
  • To surpass environmental regulatory requirements.
  • To minimize waste, and environmentally safe disposal of waste produced, care for the environment.
  • To keep environmental emissions and discharges of materials to a minimum.
  • Optimum maintenance.
  • We strive to use the most fuel-efficient vehicles and already maintain a diesel fleet.