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Data Electronics (Telecity), Dublin

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Commissioned  by the Client to deliver an operational Data centre. Existing Premises to be converted to  3 floors of Data hall at 1296sqm/floor and adjacent 2,376 sqm Warehouse to be configured into M & E Plantrooms. Plant selected on an N+ 1 Basis with UPS on an N + N. Objective was to achieve Tier IV compliance

Works include:
Client required design & costing for full scale project. Winthrop then developed a phased build-out strategy to align with commercially viable Phases to suit Client funding plans. Security measures included electric gates, bollards, hand biometric scanners, IP presence detection CCTV.

SCOPE OF WORKS:  Mechanical & Electrical Contractor
PROJECT VALUE: € 20,500,000
DURATION: 9 Months

CONSULTING ENGINEER: McArdle MacSweeney Associates
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Winthrop Engineering