Environmental & Sustainability Statement

Winthrop through its Environmental Policy is committed to taking account of the environmental implications  all the project work it undertakes both as Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) and as a Mechanical and Electrical Services (M&E) Provider. The Company aims to ensure that any potential adverse environmental impacts of its actions are minimised and opportunities for delivering environmental improvements are maximised. We recognise the value inherent in the design and construction of sustainable building projects. Also that sustainability is part of a high performance building design process and as such will be embedded in the process from the start and will be reviewed as part of the Project Quality Management process. Clear sustainability objectives for each project are adopted and communicated to all people involved in the design and construction stages and involving key consultants and contractors.


Key Objectives

  • To ensure all environmental risks are assessed, managed and controlled to minimise the impact of new build, refurbishment and maintenance projects
  • To promote and adopt best practice for sustainable design, construction and post occupancy management within the construction engineering sector
  • To align our own practices in sustainable construction with our position as a leading PSCS and M&E Services Provider in the built environment
  • To consider and reduce whole life costs for new build and refurbishment projects
  • To further develop and grow Winthrop in a sustainable manner, to reduce costs and meet all legal and regulatory requirements of the countries we operate in