Construction Safety Month 2023

Construction Safety Month is an annual event to celebrate, reinforce, and promote the importance of safety, health, and overall wellbeing at work and in life.



Once again, Winthrop Technologies will be aligning our scheduled events across all our projects in Ireland and throughout Europe as part of Construction Safety Month, continuing to drive engagement on our projects while further promoting our commitment to leading a culture of safety, health, and wellbeing in our industry.



The campaign runs over the month of October and focuses on the Critical Risks we encounter in our industry. The first week from October 2nd to the 6th will be focused on positive Mental Health & Wellbeing.



Following this, we will have a specific focus on critical risks during the rest of October. Each of our projects will host events and campaigns specific to their own needs.



This is also a good time for us all to make a specific effort to recognise and reinforce both individual and collective positive behaviours in the workplace.



We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our Project Teams who have fully engaged to promote this important event and to thank all our partners within our supply chain that have committed to partake and lead the talks and demonstrations across all our projects.