Dublin DC Bee Hive Exceeds Expectations

Is it possible to bee too popular? Well, in terms of bee conservation it apparently is.


Some months back one of our Dublin DC Projects began a Bee Hive initiative on site to contribute to sustainability efforts in the area.


We didn’t realise there’d be so much buzz about it, however.


With far over the projected 60,000 bees at the project Bee Hive, things were getting a bit crowded.


Although an explosion in honey bee population (swarming) is a very positive indicator, it was also posing a security risk as this second swarm was forming near a laydown area.


Luckily, the folk on site were able to arrange for the safe removal of the excess bees. It’s a long process as bees are loathe to move from a good home so moving a swarm is usually done incrementally.


But now these bees will be transported to establish a second colony where they can continue to pollinate crops, fruits, and vegetables. Fencing has also been installed to prevent disturbances and safeguard the busy, buzzing fellows.


Thanks once again to everyone on site for their help in contributing to the sustainability of the environment and our hives.