Winthrop Awarded Investors in Diversity Silver Award 2023

Winthrop Technologies is committed to supporting an inclusive culture and respectful environment where individuals can succeed, regardless of their background.


We are proud to have been reconfirmed as Investors in Diversity Silver Award for 2022 and are delighted to share we will be going for the Diversity Gold Award in 2023.


Going forward, our DEI efforts will focus on five key pillars.


Communication: Our goal is to continue to improve our communication on DEI to promote policies, social events, activities, training and initiatives for all employees.

DEI Training: Provide a continued program of DEI training to all employees.

Mental Health Support: Increase awareness of mental health training and support.

Diversity Champions: Appoint Diversity Champions in each jurisdiction to champion our DEI Agenda.

Policies and Procedures: Review all policies and procedures from a DEI perspective, communicate to all employees.