Winthrop Visits Career Fairs Nationwide

Last week, the University of Limerick (UL) held its career fair for upcoming graduates and, of course, Winthrop Technologies was there to talk with the potential future members of our industry.


Winthrop’s own Andrius Antanitis, Shannon McCurtin, and Sarah Leahy were on hand to attend the fair on the company’s behalf. They spent a busy day conversing with interested students, explaining the details of our organisation and our key role in the digital infrastructure industry, as well as details on our graduate programme plans for 2024.


By the end of the day, our crew were worn out from the non-stop interest but delighted at the reception the company received from the UL students and already we’re seeing interest in our 2024 graduate programme growing as a result.


Winthrop’s next stop is at University College Cork (UCC) on October 3rd and we’re looking forward to seeing the interest in our organisation grow as we continue to attend career fairs for the remainder of the year and into 2024.