Winthrop Workvivo, Building better internal communication

Earlier this year, Winthrop Technologies embarked on an exciting journey by partnering with Workvivo, an Irish-founded company dedicated to improving the employee communication experience, to launch our new internal communications App.


So far, Winthrop Workvivo has proven to be a great success! Using the App, everyone in Winthrop can easily keep up to date on company news and milestones, keep track of organisation events and opportunities, as well as getting easy access to important resources and documentation for use in their day-to-day work. Utilising its ‘spaces’ feature allows us to give due focus to specific areas of the organisation, such as our continuing sustainability efforts, as well as providing customised resources for members of our graduate programme and easy access to CPD events within the company.


Workvivo can also be used to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and other colleague and team achievements .


With all our colleagues connected across Europe, and participating in the Workvivo experience it will play an increasingly integral role in our internal communications fostering further collaboration, engagement, and success.