Winthrop’s 12 Days of Safety Keeps the Holiday Focus

As we enter December, all eyes are turning towards the oncoming holidays, understandably enough. But it’s important to not overlook the weeks of work between now and then. After all, lapse in concentration is a serious contributor to health and safety incidents in every industry.

That’s why Winthrop Technologies annually highlights our 12 Days of Safety to help everyone on all our projects finish the year strong, ensuring everyone keeps their focus in the busy run up to the holiday break.

Over the next three weeks, all aspects of health and safety on our projects will be given a renewed focus, keeping everyone on task and safe. High Risk Activities (HRA) and seasonal topics will also be given focus throughout the month.

Individual campuses will also be tailoring their messaging for their specific needs and priorities during their specific project phases, ensuring the effectiveness and relevancy of our messaging.

We look forward to finishing strong and ensuring we all leave work safe every day in the run up to the holidays!